meet my sona, ash! there isn't a ton of art of her yet, but here's what she's like :)


art by illimearu

art by impcreature

art by fanghaunt


species: wolf (perhaps a distant raccoon relative?)

gender: female, she pronouns

height: 5'10"

color scheme: base fur color is gray, hair is long and black with a skrillex-esque sideshave and hot pink and bright green highlights (pink can be #FF1493 or close enough idk lmao). eyes are hazel

other characteristics: has glasses thick black rectangular frames (basically the same as mine lmao), and snake bite hoops and septum ring piercings. FLUFFY EARS!!! loves wearing band shirts and ripped black short shorts.

personality: spunky, high energy, outspoken, flirty, nefarious, dastardly, evil but like cute about it yknow. cunning. often throws up a peace sign, backwards against her forehead

interests: fronts a myspace era style synthy posthardcore band (think rise records or equal vision records), and loves doing spin kicks in the pit at shows. can often be found wielding her favorite black electric guitar or pink baseball bat. also loves rhythm games