my name is june! im a trans girl and a producer/dj, and i play in bands. i also archive lots of music! here on my homepage you'll find a handy collection of links to great music and music communities, as well as resources that should make it easier to share and preserve it yourself. there are also many links to my friends' fun pages! i'm currently working on a new website layout that should make it easier to find the resources you want, please bear with me during the facelift.

there aren't as many cd and zine scans on this site as i would like, but i do upload a lot of old and forgotten heavy bands to my youtube channel, which you might be visiting from. my cd and mp3 collection can be found on soulseek under the username "thedevilsden," please download copies to your heart's content :) if i'm currently offline it's because i'm doing tagging maintenance, please be patient with me!

not much else to say for right now :) enjoy the music, history, and cool pictures! and don't forget to say hi to my sona, ash :P

for more, visit my blog.